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Section 8 Housing: Safety Net or Tangled Web? An Overview of Section 8 Tenancy Termination and Related Due Process Issues

Katie R. Jones

There is no question that the federal government's Section 8 housing assistance rent subsidy provides an invaluable safety net to impoverished, elderly, and disabled members of our community.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assists more than 2 million households by providing either "project-based" or "tenant-bases" rent subsidies through its Section 8 housing assistance program.  With the continued downturn in the economy, the waitlists for tenants to receive Section 8 housing subsidies are rapidly growing.  The Federal government has attempted to alleviate some of this burden by relaxing various regulations to encourage landlords to participate in Section 8 housing programs.  However, many landlords remain skeptical about subjecting themselves to the additional administrative burdens accompanying the Section 8 housing program, particularly in those jurisdictions with rent control ordinances.

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