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Miller & Starr California Real Estate 4th is available in print, on Westlaw, and on CD-ROM.

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We are not exaggerating when we say “We write The Book” on California real estate law.  For 50 years, our attorneys have been writing and updating the most authoritative and comprehensive treatise in the field, Miller & Starr, California Real Estate.

Currently in its fourth edition, “The Book” is the most widely used and cited California real estate law reference for lawyers, judges and real estate professionals.  The Book has been cited hundreds of times in reported decisions at all levels of State and federal appellate courts in California.  Now expanded to twelve volumes and more than 36 chapters, The Book covers virtually every subject related to real property and the business of real estate development and finance in California.  The current edition provides in depth coverage of basic real property issues such as deeds, escrows, title insurance, recording and priorities, deeds of trust and secured land transactions, as well as regulated areas such as the Subdivision Map Act, the Subdivided Lands Act, common interest developments, agency and brokerage law, redevelopment law, eminent domain, CEQA and environmental law.  It also covers real estate transactional and litigation subjects such as contract formation, enforcement and remedies, commercial leasing and residential landlord-tenant issues, easements, lender liability, usury, construction law and contracting, liability for defective construction, premises liability, mechanics liens and many other real estate subjects.

The firm’s association with The Book provides us with a unique blend of expertise and name recognition that is much wider than the firm’s geographic footprint.  The resulting knowledge base and credibility with judges and competitors is an important advantage for our firm’s clientele.

The Book is continuously updated by Miller Starr Regalia attorneys as case law, statutory and regulatory developments require.  The firm’s attorneys also produce a monthly newsalert periodical and annual supplements to keep The Book up to date.  In the process, we solidify our knowledge and leadership in the field of real estate law.  We also have a full-time staff attorney who manages and maintains the updating process and alerts the firm’s other attorneys to significant judicial decisions and legislative actions that have an effect on our clients or our practice.

Miller & Starr, California Real Estate, 4th is available in print, CD-ROM and online editions.  Visit Thomson Reuters for more information.