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More of Something: The California Legislature’s Effort to Increase the Supply of Affordable Housing

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In January 2017, the Department of Housing and Community Development published statistics indicating that there is a need, on average, for approximately 180,000 housing units to be developed each year in California, while only 80,000 housing units are currently being constructed—a shortfall of at least 100,000 units per year that has been accumulating for several years and is anticipated to continue each year for the foreseeable future. In response to this report, as well as almost daily anecdotal reports of skyrocketing rents, neighborhood gentrification, homelessness in the midst of affluence, and rapidly escalating costs of purchasing a home in several metropolitan counties, the state legislature in 2017 enacted a “comprehensive housing package” of legislation intended to encourage the development of more housing, or to be specific, more “affordable” housing.


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