Transforming San Francisco

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Miller Starr Regalia is proud to sponsor The Registry's "Transforming San Francisco" event on April 21, 2015.


The following five projects will transform San Francisco in a dramatic way and usher in new ways through which the city will consider and approve new developments. Join us as we ask the developers to outline each project and help us understand the impact they will have on the San Francisco and the region more broadly.

Treasure Island
Pier 70
5M (5th & Mission)
Park Merced
San Francisco Shipyard & Candlestick Point

Alexa Arena, Forest City (Pier 70 and 5th & Mission)
Kheay Loke, Wilson Meany (Treasure Island)
Seth Mallen, Maximus Real Estate (Park Merced)
Sheryl McKibben, Lennar Urban (San Francisco Shipyard & Candlestick Point, Treasure Island)

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