Applying the Builder’s Remedy in Orange County presented by PEOPLE FOR HOUSING - OC YIMBY

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The state has found many Orange County cities to be out of compliance with state housing law, triggering a law known as the “Builder’s Remedy” that may require cities to approve housing projects even where they are inconsistent with local zoning regulations. How can developers capitalize on this opportunity, and which cities in Orange County provide the greatest opportunity? Join us as we host guest speaker Ken Stahl to unpack the Builder's Remedy and where it can be applied in OC.

Ken Stahl is a Professor of Law and Director of the Environmental, Land Use and Real Estate Law program at Chapman University Fowler School of Law. He is also Of Counsel at the pre-eminent real estate law firm of Miller Starr Regalia, where he specializes in land use, zoning, and local government law, including the California Environmental Quality Act, the Housing Accountability Act, the state density bonus law, accessory dwelling units, and many other areas. His practice is focused on ensuring that cities comply with state law when making land use decisions.

WHEN: Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 12 Noon

WHERE: Virtual