Miller Starr Regalia supports the Progress Foundation's Ashbury House, an organization dedicated to providing a residential treatment program in a social rehabilitation model to homeless mothers at risk of losing custody of their children.

The work Progress does takes place within the context of residential programs, where people cook for one another, share their experiences, and learn new coping skills. None of this would be possible without the remarkable settings provided by a collection of safe, structured, social rehabilitation residences staffed by highly trained counselors.

Programs like the Ashbury House are tailored to the communities they serve, each is unique, and nearly all are found in neighborhoods, rather than commercial districts or areas specifically set aside for social services agencies.

About Progress Foundation's Ashbury House

In June 1995, Progress Foundation opened Ashbury House, a residential treatment program for mentally disabled and dually diagnosed mothers and their children. This program is the first licensed treatment setting in California that allows families to remain intact while the mother receives critically needed rehabilitation and treatment services. Mothers who would otherwise be forced to place their children in foster care in order to receive services can choose Ashbury House, a comprehensive family-centered treatment program providing mental health and chemical dependency treatment, parenting education, health services, vocational assistance, and supportive aftercare services.

Community Involvement

Miller Starr Regalia is committed to supporting the communities in which we work. The following are some of the organizations we support.