Miller Starr Regalia supports Bay Area Legal Aid which provides pro bono legal representation to low income residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We strongly support Bay Area Legal Aid’s mission to provide meaningful access to the civil justice system through quality legal assistance regardless of a client's location, language or disability. Access to legal advocacy is critical to ensuring that Bay Area residents living in poverty understand and assert their rights, in order to create stability for themselves and their families.

Bay Area Legal Aid's History

In 2000, three Bay Area legal services programs, each with its own identity, history, and resources, came together to form Bay Area Legal Aid.

The vision that brought these programs together is simple. We believe the scope and quality of the legal assistance you receive should depend solely on the merits of your case, not on where you live. Thus, we set out to build a program with a regional vision grounded in local communities. We learned what many of us already believed – despite differences among various counties, the legal problems of poor people are substantially similar.

Bay Area Legal Aid helps thousands of low income Bay Area residents build safer, healthier, and more stable lives.

Community Involvement

Miller Starr Regalia is committed to supporting the communities in which we work. The following are some of the organizations we support.